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Orthodontic Treatment with fixed dental braces is absolutely a commonplace now days with teenagers as well as adults and celebrities. However, the great majority of patients have a number of questions prior to and during treatment: For example, how does the treatment work and what are the options for making treatment more pleasant and efficient? The FORESTADENT portal My Brackets offers valuable insights on a variety of topics:

  • A variety of treatment options, such as metal brackets and ceramic brackets
  • Living with fixed braces
  • Orthodontists in your area

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Insbesondere bei Erwachsenen kommt es vor, dass sich das Zahnfleisch entzündet bzw. sie unter einer sogenannten Gingivitis leiden. Bleiben diese Zahnfleischprobleme unbehandelt und verstärken sich, können sie teilweise sogar zu einer schwerwiegenden Entzündung des Zahnhalteapparats bzw. zum Abbau des zahnumgebenen Knochens führen. Man spricht dann von einer Parodontitis. Wünschen an einer Gingivitis oder Parodontitis erkrankte Patienten eine kieferorthopädische Behandlung, müssen sie warten. Manread more

Sometimes teeth are so crowded in the jaw that even orthodontic expansion treatment of the dental arch cannot compensate for this lack of space. In such cases one should consider so-called extraction, in other words, the pulling of teeth, to create more

Depending on the severity of the existing malposition of the teeth or jaws, the national health scheme will cover the costs of orthodontic treatment (in part). This is where the so-called indication groups come into play. As orthodontic practices are required by insurers to treat patients as economically and prudently as possible, it is quite common that the health insurers will only reimburse braces and arch wires which do not necessarily meet the expectations of patients and their parents.Patiread more